Whether you’d like to work for Verifone, or are a taxi driver looking for an additional revenue stream, we would like to hear from you. Our current vacancies are listed below, but if there is nothing suitable for you at present, please send in your details so we can contact you as soon as a relevant opportunity arises.


As a badge-holding licensed taxi driver, you have many opportunities to generate additional income. If you own your own taxi, you can carry exterior Livery or Superside advertising, can have a DigitalTop unit fitted and could get involved in live PR events for our advertisers. If you are a fleet operator, there are a range of attractive deals available for your vehicles too.

In all cases, Verifone shares the revenue these activities generate with the drivers or owners. These payments can be significant, and are often used to fund the purchase or upkeep of taxis.

If you would like to know more about Superside or Livery advertising, DigitalTops or PR events, call 0800 666 1000 or email the Operations Team.


There are no vacancies at present.