Superside taxis run graphic panels from headlight to tail-light and are sculpted to follow the contours of the bodywork in pairs of pre-cut vinyls.

Fitting is carried out in ‘F1 Pit Stop style’ in around 14 minutes. Less disruptive to the taxi bodywork and taking only minutes to fit, Supersides are ideal for tactical ‘short burst’ campaigns but have been used to great effect as part of longer term bookings too.

Similar to Livery taxis, contracts are for 24 months and drivers are paid monthly. You will need to pop in to our Operations Centre from time to time but we can usually book those visits in to suit your own schedule.

Renew or Respray

At the end of your contract, according the terms and circumstances, you can renew or we will respray taxi in our own bodyshop.

For further information, please call 0800 666 1000 or email the Operations Team.