You can't miss a livery taxi as every panel, curve and surface is wrapped in graphic vinyl.

Ideally suited to mid and long term campaigns up to twelve months, as long as your taxi bodywork is sound, we can wrap it in just a few hours. Your contract will cover live ads for 24 months, is likely to be made up of several campaigns (ideally following on from each other without any gaps) and you will be paid monthly for every campaign you carry.

Courtesy Cab

Vinyl is pre-printed and arrives as 16 separate panels which are then applied by our expert fitters in our own Operations Centre bays. If you’d rather not wait or don’t want to watch the metamorphosis as it happens, we can arrange for a courtesy cab for you to use whilst yours is being reskinned.

Renew and Respray

At the end of the campaign, according to your contract and circumstances, you can renew your contract or we will respray your taxi to continue its working life without any ads.

For further information, please call 0800 666 1000 or email the Operations Team.