Familiar Verifone DigitalTopsTM units are mounted on the roof of taxis, broadcasting HD digital ads to the public.

They help us to secure additional revenue from advertisers, and this helps taxi drivers to offset the cost of owning their vehicles.

DigitalTopsTM don’t compromise fuel efficiency as they slice through the air, and have built-in solar panels to supplement the power from your battery. They don’t hamper access to public places either – not even at Euston, Westfield or Tower Place. The maximum height of your taxi with a DigitalTopTM fitted is 2.1 meters (just under 6‘11”).

No downtime

Once your DigitalTopTM is installed, ads are changed remotely using wireless technology so there’s no further downtime.

Green Badge TX4 owners can carry a DigitalTopTM, but to comply with TfL regulations, your taxi can’t have any other advertising on it.

Renew or Respray

At the end of your contract, Verifone ensure your taxi is returned to its original condition.

For further information, please call 0800 666 1000 or email the Operations Team.