Frequently asked questions


Check below first, and if the solution you need is not listed, please contact the Driver Services Team.


Happens when the Power button and Volume button have been held down together.


Hold down the power button for 20-25 seconds.


Vx680 out of sync at the back.


Check Vx680 status. Needs to be showing Login or Logoff screen.


No power from ignition or Cables have come loose


Ensure Ignition is ON. Check Micro USB cable - unplug/replug and try again.


No power from ignition or Cables have come loose


Unplug/replug Micro USB and select OK when prompted.


No power from ignition or Cables have come loose.


Ensure Ignition is ON. Check Micro USB cable - unplug/replug.


Vx680 took too long to respond(90 seconds)


Tap OK. Try again, if it times out again. Check Vx680 Status.


Vx680 is logged out


Login on Tablet in the front.


Tap Blue BACK Arrow in top left corner of Tablet


This should not happen but if app crashes, it will disappear.


Settings> Manage Apps> Default App Settings> Launcher> Taxi360> Change> HOME


With cable plugged in and ignition on, press and hold the Tablet's power button and select restart. If that fails, please call 0333 666 1000.

All Verifone equipment incorporates a security device to alert the driver. This can be triggered for three reasons:

  1. Software has become corrupt
  2. Machine has suffered from an impact
  3. An attempt to illegally access the system

This issue can not be resolved over the phone, so the tampered equipment will need to be replaced at our Operations Centre. Please call the 24/7 Helpdesk on 0333 666 1000 for advice or to book an appointment.

Data is encrypted before transmitting to the bank for approval. Once payment is authorised, payment details are not stored on the terminal or Huawei tablet.

Your equipment is insured by Verifone.

Yes. You have two options. Your colleague can log in using your badge number and all payments will go to you. Alternatively, they can complete a separate BACS Agreement and all payments will be paid into their own bank account.

For security reasons the equipment must be removed prior to sale, however if the new driver signs a contract, the equipment will be left in the taxi. Owner drivers or fleet owners must contact us before the taxi is sold – you are liable for all costs until the equipment has been removed by Verifone technicians.

Yes. Use the ‘FLAT RATE’ Function

London drivers are credited daily if paid directly by

Verifone (or weekly if paid by a fleet owner). Refer to the DRIVER PAYMENT SCHEDULE printed on the back of the KENNINGTON OPERATIONS CENTRE card in your Welcome Pack for more details.

or visit 

Verifone Taxi/Priv

Verifone equipment accepts fares up to £500. For fares over £500, split the fare and process two transactions (each less than £500) to cover the full amount.



No device is connected. The Micro USB cable may have fallen out of the tablet or is not attached correctly. Unplug and replug the cable then tap the round HOME button to restart the app. You should now see this message:

 Tap the tick on ‘Use by default for this USB device’ then click OK.


Understanding these codes will assist you when faced with an issue with the card payment system.

If you have a problem taking a card, you can note down the long card number and expiry date and call
Driver Services who will process the payment on your and the passengers behalf.

Call Driver Services on 0333 666 1000.

Every card has an expiry date.

If you see a card declined with diagnostic code 11, this is because the card being used has expired.

If this happens, please take another form of payment for the fare.

When communicating with the bank to authorise transactions, the VTS equipment uses the GPRS network.

Sometimes in built up areas or areas with a high GPRS traffic, the signal becomes too weak to process the transaction.

Although rare, if this happens, please move your taxi slightly, and a good signal should return (then either recall last fare or use the flat rate option).

Due to various reasons a card transaction can be declined directly by the passengers bank.

If this happens, please take another form of payment for the fare.

This happens at the PIN entry screen.

The passenger either pressed the red cancel key or removed their card too early.

Recall the last fare and ask the passenger to follow the instructions on the screen, and only press ENTER once when prompted.

Please advise passenger not to remove their card until prompted.

Some cards are classed as ‘online’ only, which means every-time they are used, the card has to dial the bank to get authorisation.

If the card cannot connect to the bank the card will automatically decline.

On the rare occasions this happens, please seek a cash payment from the passenger, and call the Verifone Helpdesk to resolve the issue.

After three minutes, the passenger facing terminal will time-out if not interacted with.

If you take a cash fare, you may see this code on the driver facing terminal three minutes after the passenger has left.